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my essence
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Buddha or Jesus

Apparently, there seems to be a concern that I am turning towards Buddhism with a humanistic viewpoint at the helm of my ship.  I understand the concern.  But I will take the time to disprove this thought for the sake of those who care to read my blog, but more importantly, to take power away from the nay-sayers.

Buddha and Jesus Christ are either put on the same level or one elevated above the other in many religious circles.  I will state my personal belief, along with facts.  Buddha was not born of a virgin.  Jesus was.  Buddha never healed anybody, raised anyone from the dead, or claimed to be God or the son of God.  Jesus did.  Buddha did not bring himself back to life after dying at the age of 80 from a combination of old age and food poisoning.  Jesus prophesied his coming back to life after 3 days in the grave, and did so.  Buddha did not claim to be a divine being, only claiming to have divine aspirations, attempting to rise above this world through meditation and attain the ultimate level of peace.  Jesus said He was from heaven, and became one of us in order to save us.  He did not attempt to rise above this suffering world.  He became a part of it in a sacrifice of unconditional love.  I may admire one for his attempts to better himself, but the other I worship and adore.  He was perfect and without sin, and He died so that I might have life. 

There were times when Jesus told someone to “heal themselves” because He needed to see if the person was willing to do the work rather than just looking for a free hand-out.  Jesus could easily instantly heal me of my reversed spine, my low self-esteem, my paralyzing fear of being true to the plan God ordained for me at point of conception due to receiving disapproval from family and friends, and all the other things that hold me down.  But Jesus has told me to heal myself.  So I am discovering the truth of what GOD thinks of me, separating myself from what the church and family thinks of me.  Their influence and viewpoint of me has been negative and devastating to my development.  I am rising above that and seeking the truth.  That is not humanistic.  That is being spiritually enlightened.  I know that a man cannot direct his own steps.  We all need a higher power to aid us on this path of life.  So I look to the Highest Power of all to guide me into all truth, understanding, wisdom, and enlightenment.  He will not steer me wrong.  Men do.  God never will.   

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