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my essence
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

where i'm headed

Generally, when u take a long road trip (which I love doing!), u have a pretty good idea of where you're headed and how u are gonna get there. If you're smart, u take a road map with u so u can stay on course even through detours, bad weather, bathroom stops, and that quick stop at whatever sight has caught your eye. My destination is ultimate health and my road map is the things I want to achieve along the way. When I've achieved them all, I'll know I've made it. So here is the list of things on my road map. This provides a clear picture of where I'm headed and where I'll be when this journey is at its end.
I will be pain-free.
I will have abundant energy, able to meet my needs, my family's needs, and the needs of others.
I will have such clarity of mind and focus that I will be in tune to what others need.
I will have turned all my negative thoughts into positive ones, and exude peace and love on a consistent basis.
I will be in control of my own life.
- will have financial freedom, stability, and optimum wealth.
I will be able to support my parents financially, help those in financial need, and pay back those who have helped me.
I will enjoy maximum health in my new healthy size. No more plus-size stores for me!
I will be able to buy the clothes I want, in my size, wherever I want.
I will be a good dancer. Especially in bellydance.
I will face my fears and try surfing, skating, skiing, everything that has to do with falling down... I will face it.
I will enjoy a genuine intimacy with the man that chooses to win my heart. An intimacy free of shame, embarrassment, and distrust. I will wear a bikini. And look good in it.
I will be on Americas Got Talent.
And I will be a motivational speaker someday.

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