my essence

my essence
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Regarding the Church of God as I knew it

This is a written statement of forgiveness to all those in the Church of God who wrongly accused me of sin and rebellion and turned their backs on me. I thank you for doing that. Thank you for showing me what I had known for years but couldn't admit to myself- the church as I knew it had become babylon and full of false doctrine made by man. Your rejection liberated me to find the true meaning of spirituality and intimacy with God. He never rejected me. He never left me. He never turned His back on me. So I am now seeking people who are like Him- people who follow hard after love and peace and righteousness, not condemning and cutting down one another but edifying, encouraging, building each other up. That is love. I pray for those who have been blinded by their religious doctrines that they see the hypocrisy of their ways before death strikes. May they discover the love and peace of God that passes all understanding. I do not speak of all who go to the Church of God. Some are true and trying to live right. This is not a blanket statement intended to condemn all members of the COG. Those I speak of knows, or will soon know, their own wickedness and falsehood. Thank you for setting me free. I rejoice to not be one of you anymore. The hurt of your rejection no longer stings. I have forgiven you, and I am released to fly in the freedom God has bestowed upon me.

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