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my essence
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Discovering the Magic of Love

A girlfriend of mine has been struggling with her relationships with men.  I shared this newfound understanding with her today.  I love the lesson that I've learned the past couple days, and I want to make sure I include it in my journal. 
When a man completely adores you, can’t get enough of you, and does everything he can to hold onto you, that is something special.  Hollywood makes romance out to be something that it SO is not.  Men are rarely the svelte, suave, sexy gentlemen that we want them to be.  It takes us women to polish them up to that level.  J  And to be honest, it goes both ways.  We can be bitchy, and you know men don’t respect that.  It takes time, patience, working out differences, communicating, and learning how to compromise to get that bitchiness out of us.  That’s when we become princesses our men are willing to fight for.  Romance never happens overnight.  That’s silly infatuation.  True love is cultivated and developed.  It can be a holy nightmare, but if you stick to your guns and you determine to fight for the connection you know you could have with him, then the rewards begin to FAR outweigh the pain and struggle.  You start discovering the completeness, unity, and oneness that love brings.  And that’s the sweetest thing in the world, to be one with someone else.  To have someone on your side, no matter what.  That’s delicious.  :)
Francisco, thank you for standing by me through all this crazy mess.  You are definitely being polished into that jewel I always knew you were under all that tough skin.  I love you more and more with every passing day.  Thank you for helping me discover what Love truly is.

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