my essence

my essence
fire and wind, the essence of me

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Opening my mouth

I have been silent long enough.  I have been level to the ground long enough.  Now is my time to rise above all the things that hold me down.  Now is my time to become the person I was created to be.  I can no longer use excuses or hide behind past hurts.  I am no longer required to bow down to people's expectations of me.  No one but God can know the fullest depth of my potential.  And only God knows just how short I fall from maxing out that potential.  I have an inkling of an idea, but God knows it ALL.
   So now is my time.  I embrace it.  I eagerly look forward to the challenging, but promising, future.  Not looking back.  Not looking down.  My chin is held high.  My gaze is steady.  My eyes are on the mark.  I have survived the storms, and I'm coming out strong. 
   When everyone saw the worst in me, Jesus saw the best in me.  And He SINGS over me!  When my closest friends and family turned their backs on me, gave up on me, said I would never amount to anything, Jesus saw the best in me.  I could never, and will never, let go of that kind of Love. 

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